“Explore The Human Climate with Carol Smaldino”


Gatherings which are interactive and collaborative, whether public or private, are preferred.

Listening for messages underneath a given issue or challenge is my tendency and forte.

Topics I am passionate about, and enjoy speaking about, include but are not limited to:


    • The Human Climate – conversations about what it is, ways it can be attended to, and how it can evolve on an emotional level as well as an environmental and political one
    • Empathy – why it is important and how it can be cultivated, how getting in touch with our darker sides, our shadows – the parts that we and others judge and reject – can lead to empathy for ourselves and humanity at large
  • Bullying – talking out loud with kids and grownups about how bullying affects us all; bringing honest conversation and process to the subject. Some people insist “say something if you see something”, but neither the causes nor the repercussions of speaking out are dealt with. When I talk with kids about bullying, as an example, my talking is the opposite of a lecture. It is about engaging young people in their stories of fear, aloneness, and anger.

If you are interested in translating important concepts into practical solutions let’s explore the possibilities together.

Enjoy our podcast on KRFC Radio Fort Collins.

The Human Climate with Rabbi Hillel Katzir, May 2019
Please explore the podcast on the human climate with psychotherapist Stephanie James on The Spark, January 2020

Please the podcast with Steve Bhaerman on WikiPolitiki, exploring the personal and political aspects of the Human Climante.

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Please feel free to make contact! carol@thehumanclimate.com