I Believe for Every Drop of Rain that Falls: Belief Systems in the Time of Coronavirus

Believing, in the Time of Coronavirus

In my lifetime we have never before seen such a need for belief systems that are pliable and flexible in the face of new knowledge. In the time of Coronavirus, here in Colorado, in the Western world and in other countries we used to think we had little in common with, we are suffering a global pandemic and its ensuing panic, in part from a systemic lack of preparation and an inability to shift our beliefs in the face of disaster.

    Nobody believed it could happen here. Too many people believed it could not. Some people believed it was a lie and a conspiracy. In spite of brilliant minds–such as Bill Gates in 2015, speaking to the world about the dangers of a pandemic to come–people believed it could not happen, that it was just an interesting expose of a possible future problem, a passing conversation among intellectuals that didn’t affect policy makers or the rest of us.  Evidence and wisdom didn’t matter, these people would not enter the closed doors of believing it was all impossible.        

About 22 years ago, when my son was in high school, he wrote a history paper about Abraham Lincoln…

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#coronavirus; propaganda; Abraham Lincoln; Naziism; belief systems

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