A Corona Virus Realization in Colorado

Dated the evening of March 12, with the knowledge that things are changing rapidly, objectively and subjectively as well)

“There are no cases of coronavirus in Fort Collins, Colorado. Or at least that is what I thought before I spoke to my son who promptly guided me to consider things differently. He told me that there were definitely cases of coronavirus in Fort Collins, but that we just didn’t know about them yet. He said if there are cases in Denver there are cases in Fort Collins, a mere hour from Denver.

         My drama began when I left the gym where I do a water class and a friend called saying the worst place to go is gyms because of the machines. I felt I was in the clear but then I realized that even if chlorine kills so many germs the person to person contact level is still great…

For the entire blog please visit: https://medium.com/@carol_5441/a-coronavirus-realization-in-colorado-fc02b16faa1e

I began to have my own realization: Seeing, in this case, could not be believing…”

See the full piece at: https://medium.com/@carol_5441/a-coronavirus-realization-in-colorado-fc02b16faa1e

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