Why Torture Needs to be on the Menu of Our Concerns

         Call it psychological fusion, even if it is a new-ish term. It means, to me the combining of concerns related to ethics, psychology, morality, practicality, not becoming Nazis and not joining the tendency in much of the world to dehumanize people not like us. It also means that the issues of humanizing or dehumanizing run through the history and present of multiple items, and don’t have to be competing or in a completely different type of importance from one another.

         I know, this isn’t new—in terms of dishing out cruelty. There were Roman Emperors that tortured for the hell of it. There were Nazis and Stalinists and there are still people all over the world who decapitate, cut off limbs and torment because they wear a badge or a uniform or have status, and well because they can…

To read the rest, please visit: https://medium.com/@carol_5441/why-torture-needs-to-be-on-the-menu-of-our-concerns-109836665119

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